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So, without spoiling the ending for people, as a bunch of friends are still going through it, I really liked this game. I'm tempted to go through and play it again from the start, and take a bit more time in doing it, but with Mass Effect 2 coming in the next couple of weeks I may forego that until after I've finished ME2.

(On an unrelated note, after having gone through the first bit of Dragon Age: Origins (just got back from becoming a Grey Warden), I have a feeling that I'll just be bringing this game with me to trade in for store credit when I go to buy ME2. Just can't seem to get into this game at the moment, for some reason....)

It took me a bit to figure out some handy tricks (the location section of the database will tell you the buildings that you've seen that have glyphs on them, making them much easier to find, for instance), and I never really did any of the side missions in each city the first playthrough (just going along with the plot I ended up finishing the game a lot quicker then I thought). Also, now that I kinda get how the combat system works, and in particular how to deal with enemies that have pikes (axes, maces, hammers, and so on), it'd be nice to go through some of the combats again.

Ah, poor Enzio.....


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