Food Pr0n: Lemon-Artichoke Chicken

Sep. 23rd, 2017 08:15 pm
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I did a variant of the lemon-artichoke chicken for dinner tonight. I made a couple of what in retrospect were poor choices.
  1. Salt and pepper boneless skinless chicken breasts.
  2. In a large skillet, melt 2 tbsp butter with 2 tbsp olive oil.
  3. Add the chicken, seasoned side down, into the oil. Cook about 4 minutes. While they're cooking salt and pepper the unseasoned side.
  4. After the 4 minutes, carefully flip them and cook another 4 minutes.
  5. Remove the chicken to a baking dish.
  6. To the skillet, add the zest and juice of a lemon and about 0.5 cup vodja.
  7. Scrape up the fond from the bottom of the skillet.
  8. Add 16 oz sour cream. Stir until the sauce is smooth.
  9. In the baking dish, top the chicken with about 1.5 lbs of artichoke hearts (drained if they were in liquid).
  10. Top the chicken-n-chokes with the sauce.
  11. Sprinkle on 2 cups of parmesan cheese.
  12. Sprinkle on 2 cups of panko breadcrumbs.
  13. Bake 35 minutes at 350˚F.
I served it with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and a simple starter salad (Romaine, red onion, grape tomato, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, bacon bits, blue cheese dressing, and fresh cracked black pepper).

The poor choices: First, I should've used either smaller breasts or boneless skinless thighs. I would up having to cook them longer in the pan (4 not 3 minutes per side) and an extra 5 in the oven to make sure they'd cooked through. Second, I used a new microplane (as part of a box grater) instead of the old one (which was a single large strip of 3 or 4 different width graters). The new box grater's microplane side kept about 2/3 of the zest on it and it wouldn't come out cleanly. I wound up losing about half the total zest.

Even with those mistakes it came out okay. And I have leftovers for tomorrow!


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