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Got my giftie yesterday. Only 15 quid, too.

(We'll not discuss the shipping charges, KTHXBAI.)
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Apparently, part of how Oracle RAC does its magic is through a virtual IP address that it takes care of bringing up and down. This can be something of a problem (as the DBAs learned this morning), when you have nodes on seperate VLANs, and when one node goes down Oracle brings the VIP up on the other server.

"I'll take 'Things it would have been good to know a long time before now' for $500, Alex."

Now if I could just figure out why this one RAC can't seem to keep itself up and running for more then 5 - 10 hours before nodes just randomly eating themselves to the point where I need to powercycle them to bring them back online, I'd be a very happy person.


Jan. 3rd, 2009 04:15 pm
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Note to self -- add chilies with adobo sauce to all future batches of chili.
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Ashley pulling the Toon of the market.
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Up until 2 or so this morning, playing Mass Effect. Damn, but that's an addictive game.
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...before I teach the kids the alternate words to "Row Row Row Your Boat".
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So far....

Took AJ to swimming
Mowed lawn
Dropped off shirts at dry cleaner's
Returned summer's empties
Let kids run around outside until it got too cold
Cleaned litter
Took out trash
Done laundry
Replace filters in air handlers in basement and attic
Give kids baths
Dinner, movie and bed for kids
Dinner, some of the B's game and the season finale of Primeval

Sunday will be mostly a wash -- heading up to my parent's house for the day. Doubt I'll accomplish too much around the house.
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It sounds like someone may be available.....
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while watching VH1's Rock Honors for The Who.

  • Weirdly enough, the best (non-Who) performance of the night was Tenacious D's cover of "Squeeze Box"

  • The Foo Fighters were a close second, covering "Young Man's Blues" and "Bargain"

  • The Flaming Lips and Incubus sucked. They couldn't find anyone else to fill those slots? I don't think I can listen to Tommy without some serious therapy after seeing what those two sets of talentless assholes did to their selections.

  • Pearl Jam did two songs from the greatest Who album, more or less note-for-note. How...boring.

  • Zak Starkey is a passable replacement for Keith Moon. Pino Palladino isn't able to pull of filling in for Entwhistle.

  • Townshend and Daltry can still bring it.

After watching this, I think it's official. All my idols are dead or have sold out. Quite often both.
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Looks like Esselmont's got another book out.

I should just order this now -- I have never been a good one with the old 'saving-throw-versus-shiny' in this regard.

The fact that I'm currently working my way through the latest Malazan book isn't helping this either, methinks.....
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For those that had 7 years and the under in the pool, guess you've just lost your money.

7 years ago yesterday, [ profile] geordieyankee and I were kicking around at the church, waiting for the bride to show and the whole event to get started. Since then, my wife and I have managed to survive building a house, having two kids, and [ profile] geordieyankee taking off across the pond and getting married ([ profile] voddiegirl -- there will be a reckoning over this some time. Of course, then we'll head over to the pub, have a few pints, and go back to doing what we do so well, slagging off your husband....), and still remain on speaking terms.

Looking back, it's still kinda amazing how much has happened over the past few years....
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(I'd have started this "Dear cold-calling asshole recruiter", but that'd be redundant.)

Unfortunately for you, I am not going to give you the contact info of anyone other then HR for you to flog your resumes for .NET developers. The only reason I bothered to answer your call in the first place (as a general policy, I don't answer "UNKNOWN NUMBER" callers) is that someone (or several someones, but I'm hoping that it's just you at the moment) has been calling my phone, repeatedly, over the past few days, and I'm hoping that after getting a couple minutes of enjoyment of repeatedly telling you to call HR, and not giving you any other names or contact info that this means that I'll enjoy some quiet from the phone next to me, at least for a little bit.

But you make sure you have a nice day, or something.


Aug. 21st, 2008 11:03 am
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In Basel, Switzerland. Arrived Tuesday morning, and now into day one of two straight days in a conference room. At least they brought us coffee. Perhaps last night was not the night to be out until 1:30 in the morning....

Tram system here is just unbelievable -- wish the local transit back home had half the clue these folks have here.
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From SC08 Workshops:

Workshop on High Performance Computational Finance
This workshop brings together practitioners, researchers, vendors and scholars from the complementary fields of computational finance and high performance computing. The workshop will promote the exchange of ideas, discuss future collaborations and develop new research directions, seeking submissions with a systems-oriented view of the problem, aspects of theory and algorithms, and more practical and infrastructure aspects. Web Site:
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So, the programs have been released for the two conferences in November I have an interest in attending. On the one hand, we have LISA08. I've been to this conference pretty much every year that I've been allowed to go to a conference, and this conference has been such a huge boost to my professional career over the years. There's some interesting talks being given and the conference is in San Diego this year (so there's some opportunity there to piggyback a family vacation onto the trip), but for the most part the training track has nothing of interest, and even in the training program (the conference "proper", with the papers and invited talks) piece there are only a couple of things that I can easily tie into my current (and near-term) direction, career-wise.

On the other hand, there's SuperComputing 2008. The tutorials offered have a bunch of stuff that would be of immediate help in terms of my current job (and it's probably short- and mid-term direction, and the panels/invited talks have some areas that would possibly be of interest as well. It's located in Austin, TX, though, so that would put a cramp on the possible trip to SD if not kill it outright, at least for this year. Plus, most of the people I'd be able to see at LISA won't be at SC08.


Wonder if work will let me go to the last three days of LISA, and then the first couple of days of SC08...?
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Took last Thursday and Friday off -- spent the mini vacation cleaning the garage in preparation for R's fourth birthday party (including finishing the mowing at 9 PM Friday night). Saturday had 20 or so kids over, plus another 10 - 15 adults. In the process of hanging some shelving in the garage, I found that both batteries from my first cordless drill had both given up the ghost, and would not hold a charge. Looks like I may need to order another one of these, since the other drill is a good 10 or so years old at this point. Though I've already got all the other kit that this one includes (a couple of batteries plus a charger), so maybe I can get just the drill at one of the stores and save about half the price.

Sunday had my parents and sister over for a quieter day (burgers on the grill, and sundaes and yesterday's cake for dessert); also had a call from [ profile] geordieyankee to wish R a happy birthday from across the pond. Now, we're just left with getting the kids fed and in bed, and things ready for work tomorrow.

Fortunately, in another week I've got a week's vacation, but this is a real vacation and not "take some time off from work because there's Things to be Done." No real plans, but there's day trips to be had, and plenty of pool time, assuming the weather co-operates.

Though in the process of composing this, I've now got my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and one of their cousins (and S-I-L's one year old kid) for tea and carrot cake, and I've had to spend 10 minutes outside in the rain, pulling in the container garden since we're now getting even more rain, and we've dumped two inches or more of water out of the basil pot enough times that we're starting to worry that one of these times the soil will be so waterlogged that when we tip the pot to pour the water out we're going to end up with a giant glob of mud and plants going out with the water. So much for a quiet night, I guess....
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So in the past week I have

1. Been able to take an evening on my three-day trek out to the Bay Area for work, and catch up with [ profile] merhawk. Though BF was out of town last-minute, it was still nice to be able to meet up and grab a leisurely dinner and chat for a few hours, even if I was overdressed for the area, apparently....

2. Been able to visit with [ profile] prince_corwin for another evening, along with [ profile] mcroft, [ profile] immlass, and a few others at the tail-end of their con.

3. Score a copy (finally!) of Neverness.

All in all, a quite good week.
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At last, the week is over. The internal audit is over, and now all that's left is for the auditors to write up their findings, hash things out with management, and then depart at the end of next week. Fitting, then, that the first leg of the death march that is the buildout of our Oracle environment ended this week as well, and is ended with handing over three clusters of systems to our DBA team.

I'd love it if it meant and end to the pace of the last month, but unfortunately I've got the second leg of the death march ahead next week (five more stand-alone servers), and then the leg after that (four more RAC clusters). Plus the continued integration with our Bay Area counterparts ("You're going out the week of the 9th. No, make it the week of the 16th. No, maybe the first week of July...."), plus the various other things that have piled up in the mad scramble to get servers racked and built out, documentation in order and remediation of various hot spots that auditors love to jump on over the past month. And that's not counting the fun projects that need to be done here, like putting in new covers for septic tank and finishing installation of storm door.

At least it should be an end to the 8-PM-to-11:30-PM nights (on average probably two or three a week). I hope. And the rocky working relationship with the new co-worker (really an old member of the group that left before I joined) seems headed for a relatively sane and stable detente.

But for now, I'll just sit back with a six-pack of this, the 80s New Wave music channel on cable, and play nethack or something.


Apr. 21st, 2008 09:35 pm
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1. Rake lawn
2. Fertilize and lime
3. Use leafblower to clear up the back of the house
4. Uncover and turn power on to the AC units
5. Finish uncovering the trees
6. Spray clover
7. Put window screens back in the windows for the front of the house
8. Load FreeBSD on my home workstation
9. Look at link postings, figure out why they're not showing up where they should be
10. Catch up on HoC-related stuff (I know I wrote up journal entries somewhere, dammit....)
11. Look at this, see if it's worth the effort to come up with my own list

Fairly productive weekend -- I got all the outside work done that I really wanted to. I haven't yet installed FreeBSD, but the boot CD is burning right now, and I've cleaned up my old home directory and pulled a backup copy off the system, so I can start the install in short order. Still need to get my stuff ready for tomorrow, and take care of a couple of other chores around the house (empty the litter, etc.).
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