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Because really, the world needs more references to Breakin' 2.

So, I finished the game last night. Overall, I liked the it, though I didn't have that overwhelming sensawunda that I got from the first game. The plot felt a bit more obtrusive, especially as [ profile] publius1 noted you could tell as soon as you saw a lot of cover objects that there was going to be a fight coming. A lot of the mechanics were a lot better from the previous game -- there were fewer categories to spend upgrade points in, and the powers were actually relatively useful and relevant (AI Hacking and Burninating in particular). I loved the fact that I no longer had to manage my inventory (just keep track of upgrades) or keep track of omni-gel levels, and while I won't say that I loved the hacking minigames, they certainly beat playing "Simon Says".

So, after the final showdown, Jack was the only member of the party that didn't make it back from the Omega-4 relay. My assumption is that this is because I lost the loyalty from her in her little throwdown with Miranda on board the ship.

I liked how in the final mission the entire crew was involved, and that you picked things for other characters to do while you were the main action. Kudos to Garrus, who lead the second party for almost all of this, except for the final mission when he rejoined Tali and Shepard.

Holy crap -- in the Paramour achievement, Shepard was the most unbelievable letch. I've got the damn achievement, but I need a hot shower and a lot of soap to scrub off that one. Next playthrough I think we'll be keeping chaste in waiting for our One Twue Wuv, Chief Williams, to come around.

I'm very interested in the decisions in ME2 that will carry over into the next game -- the decision to save or kill the rogue Geth, having a new love interest after having one from the first game and keeping the Collector ship for Cerberus or not all seem fairly obvious, but I didn't really think the "save the Council" choice from the first game would be a large plot point in this one (I played this time through with a brand new character, so I'll be interested to see if saving the council means that Shep is something of a pariah with humanity, or if the alien races have something else to bitch about).

Kinda wish that they'd had more missions to come from Liara around tracking down the Shadow Broker.

All things considered I did like the game -- now I need to go back and finish my second playing of my "keeper" character from ME1, and then import that into ME2 and do a couple of playthroughs there, though I'm betting that I've got at least a good year to year and a half for that.

Though Civ V is coming out in the fall, supposedly (damn you, [ profile] rysmiel for posting that link.....).
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